Guided Mule & Whitetail Deer Hunts

Guided Mule & Whitetail Deer Hunts

With our guided mule deer hunts or our whitetail deer hunts we offer a variety of choices. Either in combination with other species or targeting whitetails or mule deer specifically, and choosing archery or rifle.

Our deer hunts are 5 day hunts.  We would like you to arrive the afternoon before the hunt begins to get settled in and sight your rifle in or at least check it.

Whitetail deer in our part of Montana are typically found at the lower elevations in the foothills and clearcuts. Because there is so much food and water in their natural habitat, you don’t need to pattern whitetail deer in Montana in the same manner as you would in other parts of the country; there are no acorns. We have quality Whitetail deer hunting in Montana primarily because our deer, not being over hunted, live longer. For example, it is possible to down a deer five years old or even older with much more developed racks.

Guided Mule Deer hunts at Cottonwood Outfitters in MontanaYour accommodations are a nice ranch house with shower and beds.  Bedding is furnished.

We will eat breakfast early and be at our hunting ranch before daylight.  These are typically spot and stalk hunts.

Four wheel drive Suburbans and Crew cabs are used for transportation.  Cooler Guided Whitetail Deer hunts at Cottonwood Outfitters in Montanalunches are furnished.  We will be back at the main ranch for a big family style dinner at night.

We will walk as much or as little as you like and would expect to see 75-100 deer per day with 10 to 15 bucks. Your game will be skinned and caped and the capes frozen at the ranch.  We can arrange for a taxidermist who will care for the mounting and crate and ship it to you.

Deer Hunts in Montana at Cottonwood OutfittersThe meat will be transported to the nearest processing plant and cut to your specifications.  We ask that you pay for the processing and if you don’t want the meat it will be given to the needy.

A 30% partial payment is required to book a hunt.  Normally we book eight hunters per hunt with one guide per two hunters.Deer Hunting Outfitters in Montana

woman hunter with deer


Please contact us now to book your hunt:  406-233-9865.  Also you can contact us through our website under the “Contact Us” tab