Antelope are a symbol of the west and numbers are back on the rise here in Montana. We have a vast amount of land at our disposal assuring you have a fun and enjoyable hunt.  With mild weather and great odds of success, this just might be the most fun hunt we offer! 

Antelope hunting requires a permit to be harvested in Montana. To hunt an antelope during archery season with Cottonwood Outfitters, you must successfully draw permit No. 900-00. For hunting antelope during rifle season, hunters must successfully draw permit No. 700-00. We would recommend purchasing bonus points to help with draw. 

Guests will stay at the Cottonwood ranch in a nice ranch house with showers and furnished bedding.Guided bow Antelope hunt at Cottonwood Outfitters in Montana

Hunters will travel to seven or eight ranches using four-wheel drives for transportation. It is a “spot and stalk” type of hunt, and you should expect to see 50 to 100 antelope per day with 15 to 20 bucks.

As with all of Cottonwood Outfitters’ hunts, your game will be skinned and caped, with capes frozen and meat taken to the locker plant.

A partial payment of 30 percent is required to book a hunt. Both rifle and archery antelope hunting licenses are available on a very limited draw, and the annual application deadline is June 1.


Please contact us now to book your hunt:
406-233-9865.  Also you can contact us through our website under “Contact Us.”