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Elk Hunts

imagejpeg_1Our elk hunts are held on a large private ranch consisting of 43,000 acres, located 40 miles east of Billings, Montana.  We have the use of a very nice 3-bedroom house on the ranch.

The archery season runs from approximately September 7 until October 15.  The area we hunt is a permitted area for both archery or rifle.  The permits are both different.  In order to hunt a bull elk during archery season, you must draw permit # 900-20.  In order to hunt a bull elk during rifle season you must draw permit # 590-20.  A person must also posses an Elk Tag to harvest a bull along with the permit matched to the season.  In order to hunt a cow elk either archery season or rifle season, you only have to have an Elk Tag.  The archery elk/deer hunt will be 7 days with the client arriving the afternoon before the hunt begins.

Because of the great habitat, mild winters, and low hunting pressure the bulls here are exceptional.  There are numerous bulls 300 BC to 350 BC and some every year from 350 BC to 400 BC.

We use several hunting methods depending on the time of year and the weather conditions.  We get good results with ground blinds and tree stands at water holes and wallows, and also along travel routes from fields to bedding areas.  Bugling and cow calling work well at the right times.DSCN0166

We like to book four hunters per hunt and they will have two guides.  Your meals and lodging are included in the price of the hunt.  This hunt is a good opportunity to harvest a great bull elk with the option of either a whitetail or mule deer included if you have the time and are inclined to do so.
















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